The Accommodations

You have several options for accommodations at Bernard’s Landing and area hotels/rentals.

Please note: Feel free to use sites such as TripAdvisor and the like to find your accommodations but please be sure you check Google Maps to see how far away it is from Bernard’s Landing. There are a lot of other properties to rent around Smith Mountain Lake and without taking a closer look you may inadvertently book a property that is on the lake, but is a 30-45 minute car ride around the lake to get to the venue (unless you’re ok with that then we are too).

The address for Bernard’s Landing is: 775 Ashmeade Rd, Moneta, VA

Accommodations around Bernard’s Landing

Bernard’s Landing is 30 miles (50 minutes) outside Roanoke and about 60 miles (70 minutes) outside Lynchburg.

Vacation Rentals by Owner

Lakeshore Rentals

  • Has several properties around Smith Mountain Lake
  • Some of the properties listed on the Lakeshore Rentals site are closer to Bernard’s Landing than others – make sure you check the address before booking (unless you’re staying at Striper’s Landing – then you’re ok)
  • The Striper’s Landing properties are about 10 minutes away from Bernard’s Landing and start at $100/night
  • The Striper’s Landing properties do not include towels/linens – so please make sure you pack some!
  • A few of the available properties at Striper’s Landing:

Westlake Waterfront Inn

  • Located right on Smith Mountain Lake
  • Is 20 minutes away from Bernard’s Landing
  • Requires a two night minimum during summer
  • Rate is $135/day


  • Has a small selection of properties near Bernard’s Landing
  • Includes an interactive map to show location of property
  • Has a great assortment of photos of each property

Lake Inn

  • A hotel located 15 minutes away from Bernard’s Landing
  • You can call 1-888-466-5253 to inquire about availability (their online availability checking tool stops at January 2016)

Harbour Inn

  • Harbour Inn is a lakefront motel and RV Park
  • Is about 15-20 minutes away from Bernard’s Landing
  • Their online availability checking tool may be broken (pretty much every day says “Unavailable”)
  • You would best served to call them at 1-540-297-9000 to inquire about availability

Holiday Inn Express & Suites – Rocky Mount/Smith Mountain Lake

  • Rooms start at $93/night
  • Is a 32 minute drive from Bernard’s Landing

Comfort Inn Smith Mountain Lake

  • Rooms start at $75/night
  • Is a 36 minute drive from Bernard’s Landing

Mariner’s Landing

  • Is 38 minutes away from Bernard’s Landing
  • Suites start around $170/night and Condominimums around $229/night
  • When checking for availability the website can be slow – but it will return search results, just stick with it

Parrot Cove Houseboats

  • That’s right – you could even rent a houseboat at Smith Mountain Lake
  • A 53′ Deluxe Keycraft Cruiser (Sleeps 10) is available for Friday-Sunday at $1680
  • A 39′ Deluxe Keycraft Cruiser (Sleeps 6) is available for Friday-Sunday at $1275

Accommodations at Bernard’s Landings

Booking a stay within Bernard’s Landing can prove a challenge because of the nature of all the privately-owned properties (Some owners list their properties through different sites/realtors). But don’t get discouraged – there are other places outside Bernard’s Landing where you can stay (See previous section – “Accommodations around Bernard’s Landing”)

Bernard’s Vacation Rentals

  • As of 6/1/2016 most properties from this provider have been booked except for some larger, week-long rentals (don’t try to call/book if you’re looking for a small 1BR-2BR for 3 days for instance)

Bernard’s Realty

  • As of 6/1/2016 only a 3BR and 4BR is available for booking (don’t call or try to book if you need a 1BR or 2BR for your visit)
  • Contact Bobby Middleton at 1-540-721-1095 to book

Other options

You can also use a site like TripAdvisor or AirBNB to locate other accommodations although they may be 30+ minutes away from Bernard’s Landing