The Proposal

Our Story

By now already knowing that I wanted Aletha to be my special lady, I decided I was ready to make my declaration of love in late 2014. After finding what I thought was the perfect ring (and I’m still so glad to hear she thinks so too), I began pondering the when/where on how I should go about plighting my troth.

In February of 2015 I had finally decided the time was right. Knowing how much Aletha enjoyed the mountains, I began planning a weekend getaway to the scenic Rappahannock. We stayed right outside Washington, VA in a sprawling house atop a grassy knoll. We enjoyed each other’s company as we relaxed and dined at some of the finest restaurants the area had to offer.

All this time I knew I wanted to propose during our trip – but I didn’t really have a particular location or time in mind. Although I did have a large list of potential places to go and things to do, I was anxiously hoping that the perfect moment would just reveal itself to me.

We had ourselves a nice brunch in the small downtown area of Washington and then traveled a bit west to visit the city of Luray.

After taking a tour of the Luray Caverns, I looked at my list and decided to take Aletha to Warehouse Art Gallery in downtown Luray. It was an amazing 7,000 square foot facility containing 1000+ creative works such as paintings, glass work, pottery, photography, and sculptures. We spent quite some time touring the facility and after a while I noticed that we had the entire place to ourselves. Art is such an important facet of Aletha’s life and I realized this was the place, and the time was now.

We had almost finished touring the entire facility and were a few hundred feet away from returning back to the front of the warehouse when I decided to make my move. There were two armadillo sculptures made out of horseshoes and rebar that I had noticed beforehand. I nervously asked Aletha if she had seen the armadillo sculptures and gestured for her to look at them. When she arrived at the table with the sculptures I was able to make my way down to one knee before she turned around.

She said yes 🙂

…and yes, we bought one of the armadillos. Aletha named him “Franklin” and you see him in all his glory below in the photo gallery.


Photos from our engagement weekend