The Wedding Party

The Bridesmaids

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The Groomsmen

Miles Hagwood – Best Man


Miles is my middle brother and is currently stationed in Hawaii. He enjoys doing military things like hiding in the woods and doing push-ups. He’s now a harbormaster and spends his days ensuring ships don’t run into one another.

Dillon Hagwood – Best Man


Dillon is my youngest brother and currently resides somewhere in the blue ridge mountains. He’s seen every movie ever made and still buys DVDs. He also enjoys routinely breaking his laptop and getting me to fix it.

Edward Hanrahan – Groomsman


I’ve known Eddie since 2004. We started hanging out during our stint at the Commodore in Old Towne Portsmouth. He spends his days doing accounting/payroll things where he’s earned the name Edward “Cooked Books” Hanrahan. “What a weird friendship that stuck” – Direct quote from Eddie.

Darrel Hill – Groomsman


I’ve known Darrel since before we started Kindergarten. Darrel is an avid hunter/fisherman and currently resides in southeast Virginia. It’s rumored that he is solely responsible for preventing the overpopulation of deer/fish in at least three states.

Jake Rowell – Groomsman


I’ve known Jake since 2001. We met in high school while taking Computer Science classes. We wore leather jackets and enjoyed pretending that our cars from the mid 80’s were race cars. Jake currently resides in Richmond where he owns a CrossFit Gym. He enjoys deadlifting cars in his spare time to stay fit.

Aaron Ward – Groomsman


I’ve known Aaron since kindergarten. On more than one occasion we tried to “borrow” his mom’s car to go play laser tag. For a short period after high school we worked together in the shipyard where I watched him single-handily lose no less than three cell phones to the sea. He currently resides in southeast Virginia where he works maintaining communications systems that people always find new ways of breaking.